Word Families!


We’ve just launched Word Families, a new phonics-based series aimed at helping children learn to read. Each story teaches a different word family such as “at,” “et,” “it,” “og,” “ut.” Simple “flashcards” placed at the beginning of each story provide lots of practice:

cat flashcard

Think of word families as building blocks in the process of learning to read English. Once a child has learned the “at” sound, she or he can recognize it in many more words such as “cat,” “rat,” and “mat,” and eventually in more difficult words too, like “caterpillar,” or “acrobat”.  Each episode in Word Families also features some high-frequency sight words. After Word Families, your young English student will be on his or her way to reading more complicated texts and stories!


Word Families was developed and written by ELL expert Misa Lindberg. While working as an editor at Little Fox for several years, Misa earned a Master of Education degree, with certification in TESOL. She is now a practicing elementary ELL teacher.

Further reading: http://www-tc.pbs.org/teacherline/courses/rdla157/pdfs/c2s5_10timing_teaching.pdf

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