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Welcome to the Little Fox Blog!

Hello from the Little Fox editorial team, and welcome to our blog. At Little Fox we create ESL materials with one goal in mind—to make learning English fun for children!

Kids learn a new language best when they’re fully immersed in it, either through conversation, or in our case, a large digital library of entertaining stories, songs, and games. Our leveled Little Fox Readers have high kid appeal and cover many genres—folktales, classics, everyday life, fantasy, humor, history, science, etc. Our leveled songs include favorite nursery rhymes and sing-alongs as well as phonics chants to help ELLs learn.

We’ll be sharing a lot of information on this blog, from educational tips for ESL students to activities you can do with your learner based on our stories and songs. We’ll also be providing some behind-the-scenes glimpses of how our talented team of writers, illustrators, animators, musicians, and voice-over actors bring our stories to life. So be sure to check in again!

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